Building Effects/Loop of commands

I had the desire to have a Chase Effect run down my Lifx Z. I have it all working using the LAN Protocol and extending the work on ( which I’ll try to integrate back into once the code is cleaner). But this currently requires a Raspberry Pi to constantly send new commands. I was wondering if any of the effects run in the bulb (not cloud based, assuming you won’t host my code) and if new ones could be created/triggered.
I’d like my chase to blend the transition more smoothly but its working well now that I figured out the math behind wrapping it in a circle

As far as I can tell the commands send via the LIFX LAN Protocol cannot instruct the bulb to do anything other than SetPower, and SetState, SetLabel.

So unless they have some undocumented code that would allow us to upload a set of instructions for the bulbs to follow, unfortunately I think your effects will need to send new Set commands to the bulbs for each change in State.

Which is what I think you’re already doing. :slight_smile:

SetColor is supported and I’ve got the undocumented SetWaveform working as well.
for my implementation.