Bulb IP Adress?


how do i get the ip adress from my bulb, i would like to controll an on/off via my terminal.


You can connect the bulb to the Wifi network, then login to the router/access-point and see the IP address for the LIFX bulb.


yes i see the bulb in my wifi an app, but the cloud is always offline. thats annoyingly. how can i send direct via terminal on / off commands?


You can get the IP address several ways, however the easiest way is to login to your Wifi access point or router, and look in the ‘Client’ or ‘DHCP’ table.

You can try using this python app to control your bulbs, it can also find the ap address for your bulbs.


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How to obtain ip address of bulbs? None of the network discovery apps work. I can see DHCP list in my router client table but I have 50+ wifi devices and can’t tell which ones are for my 2 lifx 1000 bulbs. If I knew the mac address of the bulbs I could figure it out, but don’t know how to obtain that either.

I was able to figure this out myself. The LIFX 1000 bulb has its physical MAC address listed on the base of the bulb itself. It is listed next to the label S/N which typically means serial number but which is being used as the label for the bulb’s MAC address. I downloaded a free network discovery app on Android (NetX by Netgel) and searched for the MAC address which then lists the IP address alongside it.

There is an official response to the same question I posted elsewhere on this forum here:

The Network Radar Mac App I used to do an IP scan shows the following information in a 1100 lumen color bulb I have:

Vendor Name:
Lifi Labs Management Pty Ltd

IP Address:
same as the Name

(same as the IP address)

http port 80

MAC Address
(same as the SN, hex digits, no separator character between hex number pairs)

MAC Address note:
Interestingly, the MAC ID was different than the SN on the bulb and IP-scanned value revealed as part of a scan from the above-mentioned very cool python utility.

LifX Command Utility install:
pip install lifx-cmd

Then the MAC address query:

Then turning the bulb on or off:
lifx --bulb “hh:hh:hh:hh:hh:hh” power on
lifx --bulb “hh:hh:hh:hh:hh:hh” power off

Also interesting to note is that anyone connected on the same wifi router can control the on/off state, brightness and color.

I didn’t see any commands to get the current settings; say if someone wanted to telnet into your computer remotely to see if someone was home and had turned on the light.

I used the S/N as the MAC address and was easy to add to my network - however its not being regonized by either (LIFX app or Alexa) that its connects - any ideas of how to get it talking? Let me know thanks

I use an app called Ping Tools Pro on my Samsung S8+ (Android). It will identify and show the IP address of every device on your network.