Bulb trigger action with IFTTT

Just wondering if it’s possible to for a feature where IFTTT can trigger an action on a bulb status.

I know it’s possible for something else to trigger a light to turn on /off etc, but I want to be able to do the opposite.

If a LIFX light turns on THEN do an action

For example, if someone turns on a light with Google home command or the lifx app then cause a sonoff to switch something else on.

The other option is to pull a bulb apart and connect a solidstate relay in place of the LEDs, then make that modified bulb part of a group. I’ve done that with $10 cheap MiLights before, but now I’ve gone all lifx throughout the house, it’s a bit excessive to do that with a $75+ globe!


Kind regards, Marty

I’d like to second this - an IFTTT trigger for the LIFX service would be really valuable fior 3rd-party home server applications - I’ve used the node-lifx and node-lifx-lan packages in Node.js and found them very flaky, but using the IFTTT integration I can webhook to turn the LIFX on/off with a single curl or request.

Getting a status trigger in IFTTT would enable the opposite flow (IFTTT triger on LIFX and then Webhook), providing an easy way to get the LIFX status, and a world of other possibilities…