Bulb was connected for a day

I plugged in, connected to WiFi and enjoyed this piece of crap for a day. Then bam offline. The support people at lifx are worthless. Should I just return this junk? I have 10 white bulbs that work flawlessly. I have been wanting to get one of these bulbs for a while and finally pulled the trigger. I’m just about done with them. I’ve tried all of the things support told me to do. Wmm off, reboot router, turn lights on and off and nothing. What kind of Chinese just k sre the selling us?


I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I can’t comment on your support case, unless you give me your case number, by PM for example.

Are you saying you have ten of our Mini White product that worked perfectly for a while, then stopped connecting to the cloud? Or you have one bulb that wont connect, and ten Mini Whites that will? I’d love to see your support case to see if I can help.


293122 is the case number. I returned the bulb to Best buy and bought a replacement and so far it seems to work better. This is my first experience with lifx bulbs the white bulbs I referenced were osram lightify bulbs.



Ah okay. So you have a replacement now and everything is working good? It sounds like you must have got a faulty product. I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with our products, but unfortunately from time to time a faulty bulb will make it though our testing. I’m glad to hear that Best Buy processed your replacement without hassle.