Bulbs are unstable

Wondering if I can get some help - I have 4 Lifx BR 30 bulbs in recessed lights in my living room. They are connected to an Apple Airport Extreme in the same room. My lights are variably are variably available through the app, randomly - some on some days others on other days. Alexa integration refuses to work and all bulbs seem to come online and go offline as they wish making it impossible to control them all via the app at any one time.

I have cycled through help forums and checked my router settings, making sure 2.5 Mhz network is available and even changing my Wi-Fi channel to what is apparently optimum for Lifx,

At this point, I have had the bulbs 5 weeks and I am ready to return them. Any advice on how to resolve this? Or should I just return them?

You need to contact our support team at support@lifx.com. If you already have, let me know your case number and I’ll follow it up with them.