Bulbs cannot find network / loop trying to connect

EDIT - I Have now returned the lights and bought Philips Hue instead.

Hi, LIFX products are not reliable , problems with firmware updates, discovery problems and so on. IT IS UNBELEIVABLE HOW LIFX STILL CONTINUES SELLING BULBS WITH SUCH BIG PROBLEMS AND UNRELIABILITY!!!

And the most important for developers: UNSUPPORTED ANDROID SDK !!! UNBELEIVABLE !

I bought Philips Hue bridge and bulbs and 1 second i connected to it! . In LIFX i have days that i still can not discover my new GU10 BULB to my under development app. Really disappointed. I am sure that developers will stop develop apps for LIFX with all these unreliability problems.

The main appeal was the 1100 lumens brightness and the lack of need for a bridge - I’d still rather not use one if I can help it.

Everything else on my network is fine and connects without a fault - this is the only thing that has given me trouble.

Anyway, I submitted a support request about 20 hours ago, and if I don’t get a reasonably fast and reliable solution I’ll return them and get a refund.

@tpapagiannis Why do you need Android SDK? There is no SDK for iOS or other platforms either. If you want to develop app using LIFX just read the documentation for either HTTP API or LAN protocol and write your app based on that. Protocols are simple enough to implement without any SDK.

All I want is my lights to work - and hopefully a fast response from customer services.

Edit: latest update is I’ve just tried assigning the bulbs a static IP (another forum recommendation) and still nothing.

I’ve given up - I returned the lights and bought Phillips Hue instead.

I’m in the UK so thanksgiving isn’t my problem and if they can sell their bulbs on black friday, they can sure as hell support the existing customers too!

Paul you chucked a tantrum basically. I have no issue with my bulbs any more. I made sure they were on the latest firmware and I talked to LIFX about it and I read their documentation. Bye Felicia

Well you can call it a tantrum if you wish, but if I spend a lot of money on tech I expect it to work without having to waste over twenty hours of my life on it - doing everything recommended. It didn’t work, tech support didn’t respond, and so I took my money elsewhere and now everything works.

This is a fair point. I did spend HOURS trying to get my set up to work, but each use case is very different. For me, the Asus router I had did not work well, and my “side door” solution of using a TP link router had its own limitations that was hard to diagnose. I took a couple hours to switch over to EERO and now, my Generation 1, 2 and 3 bulbs work as intended ~ 95% of the time. I have 61 LIFX connected around my home with Samsung motion sensors and I rarely touch a light switch in my home – I am adding my last two lights tonight.

I went with LIFX over Hue because of the reviews stating better colors, the themes are integrated, and I already have a Logitech, a Samsung and a Lutron hub; however that was when i planned on only getting 6 LIFX… It has been an addiction…