Bulbs changing brightness for no reason


I’ve noticed that my lights have been really dull recently and I didn’t know why. Today I have just seen all.my lights change brightness (to 8%) at about 18:20 today. Looking at my schedules there are no schedules around this time nor are there any schedules that have an 8% (nor 10%) brightness in them which matches the time the lights changed.

The only thing which I though could have caused it would have been any recipies I might have on IFTTT or Stringify but looking at them I have no recipies or flows that us LIFX.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the LIFX android app doesn’t always update the I formation displayed for the schedules accurately and I have to close the app and open it again for the correct information to display. To add to that some of the preferences for the schedules change automatically. One day it will be enabled another day it will be disabled. And lastly they don’t all show in chronological order. Most are except for the last one.

So any ideas why my lights are changing brightness on their own? Are any of the developers aware of the inconsistencies and flakiness of the schedules? I’ve experienced that latter issues every since I’ve known LIFXon several different phones.

I’ve been having the same issue, did you ever find a solution/cause?

You might want to contact support, they can look up what has altered your lights via the cloud recently.

Make sure you give them:

  • Your cloud account email address
  • Times when the lights changed
  • Which lights changed
  • Your timezone

You can contact them @ support@lifx.com