Bulbs doesn’t work with WiFi extender

Hello, I have a TP-link WiFi extender in my house. My bulbs won’t connect to HomeKit when using the WiFi extender. Can someone tell me why this happens and if LIFX is working on fixing it? I wouldn’t have bought the bulbs if I knew they wouldn’t work with the WiFi extender.

Hi @Joachim,

Could you create a support ticket for this as i know the firmware team has tested with some WiFi extenders previously.

Thanks, Kevin

do you know if the NETGEAR model EX7000 Is included on the supported list of extenders?


Was there a solution to this. I’m trying to pair it to an extender (Netgear EX3110)?

Never mind, even though setup failed to complete, I closed it and went back in and the light appeared anyway, then just added it to a group and named it. Strange because it seemed to update the firmware before that.

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