Bulbs go offline

I have 5 lifx 1000 3rd gen
I have 3 in my hall way in high hats and I have 2 in my living room.
Now what’s weird is if I shut my switch off on the wall for the hallway lights. My living room lights will go offline! Until I flip back the wall switch for the hallway… And. They are no way connected to. Each other. So WHAT’S THAT ABOUT?

After you turn the hall way lights off and the 2 living room lights go offline, have you tried powering the living room lights off and on? I want to say that I’ve read somewhere that one of the LIFX lights acts as a master/gateway to the wi-fi for the others and it could be that one of the lights in the hallway was the master.

I found what was happining. Even if I unscrew a bulb. Any bulb from any room. For some. Reason it takes about 30 seconds for them. To all. Come. Back online and able. To control with app. Like some kind of delay

On another note I had to. Return 2 lifx mini colors in the past 2 weeks. Because. No matter what I did or. How many times I. Reset the light bulb. It would not complete all the steps and would. Get stuck on. The 4th step which I. Believe is. Finding light bulb on wifi. It would just hang there and never find it. But no. Issues at all with the lifx color 1000s as far as connection very odd