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Bulbs turning off and then on again

I have two bulbs (out of about 20) that will turn themselves off and then immediately back on again about every 45 seconds. I have no idea how to begin to troubleshoot this.

Let’s start with the basics.

What model bulbs do you have? How far are the bulbs from your router? What kind of router do you have? Have you tried factory resetting the bulbs?

Once you answer these questions, we can guide you better.

All mine do that when they lose their WiFi connection. They don’t work well when they can’t phone home to the “Mothership”.

I Beta Test networking gear and am seeing a lot of the manufacturers are leaving the 2.4GHz band as a secondary thing. Even though most all WiFi IoT to date are 2.4GHz, which becomes a problem with 802.11ax+.