C# code to send UDP to turn on/off LIFX

I am new to LIFX and I need a sample code, C#, that can send UDP to turn on and turn off one bulb. How do I do it?

You might want to have a look at: https://github.com/dotMorten/LifxNet

I did and could not get that to work. All I need is to send a UDP to the bulb and turn it off or on. At this point I am willing to hire somebody to write the code for me…

I have a dotNet program which manages all the lights in my home. Send me a message and i can give you a copy of the project, I’m sure you can reverse engineer it if you have standard C# knowledge.


My email address is jianmillano1@gmail.com. Please send me the source code, since I am struggling to get this blub on and off. I do really appreciate it.


Hi, I am also in the same boat, trying to understand the UDP message set up to get messages across. Does anyone have any sample code that can talk to the LIFX A19 bulbs. Any help would be appreciated