Cable Length, Z Strip

Hi folks,

I’m in the process of planning a refurbishment of my home. I’m planning on installing some Lifx Z Strips to a floating wall as accent lighting. The floating wall will be smaller than the wall it hangs on (top and bottom) and I’m planning on putting the accent lighting all the way along the top and bottom.

I’m not planning on having any plug sockets on that wall - I see on the website that the power cable is 2m long. Is it replaceable by another longer cable after the controller? The controller will sit behind the lip created by the floating wall and the power cable alone will drop to the nearest plug socket.



You could always utilize an extension cord; however, have you considered installing a hidden outlet, behind the floating wall? That way you can hide all of the wires. If the wall backs up to another interior space, you may consider a small hole, that allows you to feed the power cord through the wall & plug it into an outlet in the other room.