Can Control 4 control LIFX via Homekit?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Control 4 to trigger a LIFX scene via Homekit? E.G., since there is no direct Control4/LIFX driver would this be a workable/reliable alternative?


Chowmain have now developed a driver for lifx and control4

Thanks. Possibly better than nothing but unfortunately they are using the LIFX Cloud API rather than direct which causes two problems;

  • Commands can take a very significant amount of time to work. E.G., you enter a room and hit the button to turn the lights on but then it takes 15 - 90 seconds for them to actually come on.

  • No internet, not lighting control

I’m not famiilar with control 4 so I can’t comment on that, but…

15 to 90 seconds sounds a bit extreme! should only be a few seconds.

Do your lights take that long to change if you curl the http api yourself?