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Can Dusk til Dawn be available when manually turning lights on?

I thought Dusk til Dawn was going to be my new favorite thing until I realised the lights were turning themselves on at different times of the day and night. Who wants that in a home?!

Is it possible for the colour temperatures in Dusk til Dawn to adjust for different times of day but NOT be on an automatic turn on schedule? I’d love them to simply adjust the temp when I manually (or through alexa) turn the lights on.

Having them adjust and turn on automatically seems like more of a business function to me where you’d have a space lit constantly. If you’re just using these at home this function seems a bit redundant in most circumstances where you’d often be out of the house or have differing amounts of natural light affecting when you’d need the lights on.

Am I missing a setting that would allow me to have the temp change take effect only but not have the lights come on automatically??

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