Can I connect a LIFX bulb to a WiFi router without a smartphone app?

I don’t own a LIFX bulb, yet, so I am making a guess here. My theory is that a LIFX bulb may initially expose an HTML interface for connecting to a WiFi router without a smartphone app. Is there a way to connect LIFX to a WiFi router without a smartphone app?

LIFX bulbs currently must be connected to your wifi using one of these:

  • LIFX iOS Application
  • LIFX Android Application
  • LIFX Windows 10 Application

We do not expose any kind of HTML or HTTP endpoint for configuring the bulbs, it is all done through a custom protocol.

When will the custom protocol be documented? Will HTTP/HTML endpoints be added in the foreseeable future?

Oh I also forgot to mention that the Alljoyn compatible bulbs, can be onboarded using the Alljoyn protocol which is open and available to anyone.

We are always expanding and improving the LAN API documentation that we have. At the moment there are no plans to document the onboarding protocol.

HTTP/HTML endpoints are unlikely to be added for the current products. You can control the light using our HTTP API if you wish, but this uses the LIFX Cloud so it doesn’t work until the lights have been connected with the applications.

Ok, I’ll use alljoyn to automate onboarding. Thanks for information.

I understand you guys are busy and can’t immediately do everything you’d like to do, but your statement sounds like a 180 from the “very conscious (and instinctive) design goal to avoid undocumented/proprietary protocols.” I’m disappointed.

I know Alljoyn provides a partial solution, but since it isn’t supported on all LIFX bulbs, it doesn’t feel like a good answer.

Sorry I should have been clearer. We don’t currently have an ETA for the release of the onboarding documentation.

I am also interested in automating onboarding. I need to program 50 bulbs. I did it by hand twice and now I really can’t bring myself to do it again by hand.

What happens is in the real world kids will mess with light switches and factory reset bulbs.

I don’t mind looking into Alljoyn if in the end it works and is robust.

Daniel do you know how robust that will be compared to the LIFX onboarding protocol ? Is there a existing use case/hub/product that uses it ? Does the smart things hub use Alljoyn or the LIFX protocol ?

Is there any chance LIFX can release rough/beta/alpha/unsupported either docs or example code for the onboarding protocol ?

Im willing to come to your redwood city office with a couple bottles of wine, chocolate, sign an NDA and take whatever I can get and promise not to nag for support…


Is your Windows 10 Application built as a Universal Application so you can easily bring it to Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One once Microsoft opens up the store on Xbox One. Would love to be able to use Kinect/Cortana on the Xbox One to control LIFX bulbs.

You can find some examples for onboarding using Alljoyn at the Allseen Alliance website. We think that this is the best and most mature way to onboard a LIFX bulb at the current time. Plus the protocol is completely open and well documented.

I’m sure the guys in the US would really appreciate the chocolate and wine, but alas I work from our Melbourne office in Australia.

This isn’t a good option for me, because I have Original 1000 bulbs, and AFAIK the Original 1000 still doesn’t support Alljoyn. Until either the Original 1000 supports AllJoyn, or the specs for the LIFX proprietary onboarding process are released, I don’t see any good solution.

Yeah, I could really use the onboarding protocol docs too. I don’t have any issue with them being unstable, I can work with that.

Here’s my problem: I’ve got two Original bulbs, and two Color 1000 bulbs, and an Android phone. The current version of the Android app (3.3.3) is completely unable to onboard either type of bulb for me (although a prior version used to work with the original bulbs). I’ve got no way to know if this is due to a bug in the app, or something particular to the two phones I’ve tried (Samsung Galaxy S3 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note 3), or my version of Android (4.4.4).

I eventually got the new bulbs onboarded with a friend’s iPhone, so everything’s onboard now, but I’ve got a support ticket open for the problem with Android onboarding - if a new version of the Android app becomes available, I’m happy to factory reset a bulb or two and test, but if this doesn’t work, I want some other way to get the bulbs onboard again.

If the onboarding protocol docs were available, I’d write a script to do onboarding from one of my Linux boxes. I actually managed to hack up the now-unsupported lifx-gem so that I could throw a SetAccessPoint message at a virgin bulb, but experimentation has shown this to be unreliable for onboarding the Original bulbs (it works sometimes) and completely ineffectual for the Color 1000 bulbs. But I’m shooting in the dark here, so that’s probably not too surprising…

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“Can I connect a LIFX bulb to a WiFi router without a smartphone app?”




For Android on-boarding issues, try setting your WiFi to only use 2.4 instead of automatic. That trick worked for me. I believe it’s a bug in Android.