Can someone define "seconds_since_seen" for me?

I’m trying to understand all of the data points that come with this app. seconds_since_seen seems interesting but I don’t understand exactly what it is. I do know it’s increasing.

Also are there plans to add the current color into the data?

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Are you referring to the API? The seconds_since_seen field is the time that has elapsed since we last received a message from the bulb, in seconds.

The current color should be included with the data… what are you seeing?

Thank you! There just wasn’t a clear definition anywhere in the API so I wanted to verify that was the case.

As for the color, I see

hue: 120
kelvin: 3500
saturation: 1

But I was hoping to be able to have this in some sort of RGB color code for use in a custom visualization app. I guess I could probably write something in python that does a basic conversion of Hue to it’s RGB companion? Seems like there’s enough documentation floating around the internet:

Writing your own color conversion function is a fun exercise. Everyone should try it at least once.

However almost all languages have libraries available to do the conversion for you. That includes Python, OpenCV, and JS.

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Thanks Daniel. I used the python library and also converted it to HEX. I’m working on a cool Splunk app. Do you know who I could talk to at LIFX to get it officially endorsed by LIFX?

We don’t generally endorse third party applications. If you would like to integrate with us using OAuth, you can follow the instructions on bottom of the API Authentication page.

You are welcome to start a thread dedicated to your integration in these forums though, to get the word out.