Can the Lifx Z strips be trimmed down?

I want to put my strips in an area about 1.8m long, am I able to trim about 20mm off the end strip?
And if yes, will the remaining length of the last section still light up?

Hello, Yes, they can be cut. LIFX recommends that you cut them in one of the “Groups” which is marked with a space on the strip. I have cut a few different strips for my bathroom and kitchen. However, once you cut them, you will never be able to attach another strip to the ends of them, so cut wisely.

Would you mind just clarifying/confirming where the “groups” are located. I appreciate you suggested they’re marked with a space on the strip, but I am a little cautious about making this one (and permanent!) change to my strip. I’ve already bust one brand new strip by using too much force to push it through a hole in my new cabinet, so this will be my second attempt, but just bringing it down in size a touch, so I dont need to force it through this particular hole.

I think I can identify the ‘space’ on the strip - It is exactly half way between the LIFX logos printing at points along the strip. Does that sound right?

No need for a response. I’ve made the cut successfully, and all working as expected.