Can we delete LIFX bulbs from Cloud without using LIFX app

Hi , how can we delete LIFX bulbs from cloud without using LIFX app(ios/android etc.).


At the moment, the only other way I can think of would be to ask support to do it for you. Can I ask why you want to delete bulbs outside of our applications?

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Hi Daniel,

I’m developing a ios app(fully internet of things based) which will integrate all kinds of IP based device. As we can integrate PHILIPS HUE so, is there any possibility to integrate LIFX into my app.
My concern is if i can Add/delete LIFX BLUB without using LIFX App(ios/android), Actually in Cloud also its not showing any devices connected or not except Revoke and Generate new token. How can we know that in that generated token , how many devices has connected(without LIFX App).


We currently do not have plans to publish the mechanism for registering bulbs to the cloud. This means that you can’t add bulbs to the cloud because you can’t program the credentials into the bulb to make it connect to the cloud. Without a method of doing that adding and removing bulbs is not possible. at the moment is only intended to be able to manage the authorizations for your cloud account. If you want to see all the bulbs attached to the your cloud account use the List Lights HTTP API endpoint.

This is exactly what I need done, I had a bulb with a hardware fault that got replaced and now I have a bulb that constantly shows up under 3rd party apps and the lifx win 10 app as an offline bulb that I cannot remove. Can support remove it for me?

We need to delete some bulbs of another account too. We used them for one project, now we use it for another but the first user can still control this lamps. We tried several times to delete the lamps from the first account via the (iphone) app, but they are still listed.
Some of these lamps are at our users now - but we still can see them in our testing account. That´s bad.

In the ‘old’ account there are several rooms, created for testing purposes. How do we get rid of them? We already uninstalled the app, but after reinstallation they still keep popping up - together with all the lamps that are not part of this project any more.
help please.