Can you control specific lights with specific echo devices?

I have two amazon echo devices in my household. What I want to do is, if I am in my bedroom, tell the device to turn off my lights and ensure it only turns off the lights in the bedroom. Is it possible to limit what lights are controlled with certain commands based upon which Amazon device you provide the commands to?

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That’s more of an Amazon question. You can have two Amazon accounts and accomplish what you’d want, but other than that, I know no way of doing it.

I’d like to know how you got it working if you ever figure it out though :).

Yes its possible to control specific lights. For this you have to create groups for lights and command Alexa App with the Group name of the lights.

I think you’re missing the point from the OP?

I have a similar desire with Google minis.

Eg, in the bedroom be able to say to the bedroom mini “ok google, turn on the light” and it knows to turn on the bedroom light. Then if in the kitchen, say to the kitchen mini “turn on the light” and it turns on the kitchen light.

The minis already know what room they’re in. Seems dumb to have to say “turn on the bedroom light” when you are in the bedroom and the mini is too. It should/could be context and location aware, and until it is, this ongoing awkwardness for home control is going to continue to slow embracement… at least for me.

Yes, it is. In the Alexa app, make sure the Alex-enabled device is in the same group as your LIFX bulbs. It will then be able to turn the light bulbs in the same group as itself on/off with the phrases “Alexa, turn on the light(s)” and “Alexa, turn off the light(s)”.

You’ll also see the group become “Alexa-enabled” in the app.

FYI, for anyone else reading, this is also possible with HomePod and HomeKit: the HomePod will do the same for the bulbs in the same room (in your Home) as itself.

Yes, it is possible to control specific lights with specific devices. You have to need just create a group name for the lights and use with giving voice commands.

Can google mini do the same thing? If I have a mini in each room, to be able to walk into say a bedroom and say “hey google, turn on the light”, rather than specifying the light/group?

Contextual/location awareness.

Yes, you can control specific lights with smart speakers or echo devices. For this, you don’t have need to rewire your home to control your smart lights by voice with Alexa. Simply buy smart LED bulbs that can connect to wi-fi or a smart hub that compatible with Echo devices. Using Alexa voice commads, turn on and off bulbs. Just download alexa app and control smart lights for your smart home.

Holy Thread Revival!

Google Home: My Home Hub knows it’s in the Kitchen, and knows I have ‘kitchen lights’. The touch screen has a ‘button’ for “Lights” and also ‘buttons’ for “kitchen lights” on and off.

I haven’t experimented with telling it to “turn on the lights” because there are a lot of them, and often other people in the house, but I’ll have a play tomorrow when everyone’s out.

Yep. “Turn on/off the lights” turns on (or off) the lights in the “room” the Google Home is in. Tested with both a Google Home Hub and a normal Google Home.