Candelabra-sized LIFX bulbs on the horizon in the next year or so?

I have 6 candelabra bulbs in my house which I’m unable to replace with or fit an A19-sized bulb :frowning:.

Are LIFX may be in the process of developing some groundbreaking Wi-Fi connected candelabras so I can finally get some color-changing bulbs in those tiny sockets?


I had the same issue and ended up just getting the HUE’s for that. Got them preowned on Ebay for less. Could always sell them in the future when LIFX comes out with there own version. I did think about getting a adapter with the mini lifx lights but it looked like from pics that it would extend out to much and not look good.

The adapters do extend out too far. I ended up just waiting for an official one. It’s been a long wait though :/. I’d love to buy more lights, but they don’t exist yet. I bet that small of a size is really tough to do from an engineering standpoint.

I am waiting for the same thing. I have an heirloom chandelier in my daughter’s room that I tried using the E12 -> A19 converter with it didn’t work because it made them extend too far to fit. I also tried the LOHAS E12 Candelabra bulbs which work exactly like the LIFX A19s except for the fact that their APP is REALLY BAD and there is no way to control the kelvin values to adjust the warmth of the lights.

I really really hope they release an E12 option soon. Every light except my E12 and Mini GU10 fixtures are LIFX now. Alexa has been working very hard in my household :slight_smile:

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Did you test with the Mini-sized bulbs? They weren’t released when I first posted, but I’m thinking now they’ll be releasing an E12 size sometime before the end of the year. They’ve released a slew of products recently in quick succession. I’m sure more is coming!

I didn’t test with the mini’s for my needs they would still be too big from what I read in the comparison to the standard A19 bulbs.

Any news on this topic? I’m dying for a release!

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