Candle WW will not connect to the Cloud (not listed in API result either)

I’ve been using LIFX for years and I set up quite sophisticated schedules so the lights can be controlled without any interaction. The excitement to integrate the new Candle WW light quickly turned into frustration as it will not establish a Cloud connection by any means.

The API does not even list the Candle WW light, although it is fully setup. The app just says that it is not connected to the cloud. I tried reconnecting, power cycling, different Networks, Android, iOS, … no connection possible. Is there a way to debug this? The diagnostics don’t reveal anything either.


There is an issue with the firmware for the Candle WW effecting some routers that we’re working on to address this issue. We are aiming to have a firmware release available for customers to try out in the next week.


That’s great to hear. I’ll try it out as soon as it’s available to me!

The new firmware works fine, thank you!