Cannot connect to the Bulb's Wifi after Factory Reset

But this week I changed my internet provider. So I also changed my WiFi Network’s SSID and Password. But switching these 2 LifeX bulbs to my new Wifi is hellaciously difficult.

I did a hardware reset on both of these bulbs (I see the color cycling whenever they are powered up now). And I tried to connect my phone to the Wifi signals they emit so that I could configure them with the new SSID and password.

However the wifi signal being emitted from these bulbs doesn’t show up on any device that I bring near them. I tried 2 Android phones and a MacBook Pro.

I don’t even know if the bulbs are emitting a wifi signal. For a brief moment (a few seconds) I did see one Wifi with SSID “LIFX Color XXXXXX”. But it quickly vanished before I could connect to it and I have never seen it again even though I continue to factory reset these bulbs many times. What should I do??