Cannot get Lifx tikes to work with Asus ac-3100

I have tried for 3 days to get lifx tikes to work with my home network. I finally got the first one to work but no others. Lifx support is horrid. I have made all necessary changes in my router have had to hide 5g network after renaming it. Turned off airtime fairness and changed the control channel. So much work then I get only the first tile working? Support is terrible. Anyone have any ideas if this is the hoops you have to jump through to get 1 to work is it better to just take them back? Got nano leaf aurora and have had zero issues? Please help!

The problem is that most router will only connect to a limited number of devices without interference. They say you can connect 250 but it really won’t connect that many and they won’t connect to 5 G period.
I had even bought multiple routers and connected them, it worked for awhile , then I started having issues so I had to disconnect.
I don’t know how many devices you have connected but if it won’t see your network you can force it by typing in your router info but your lights will have intermediate issues of not responding.

So I thought about this being an issue. I set up a AI mesh network using 2 ac-3100. I then set up a 2.4 ghz guest network. I connected the tiles to that network and nothing else. Now it is working fine? No issues. Another problem and what I think was the real issue was the first time In The chain. It would blink and work but none would work past it. Then I got three to work but not last 2. So I completely changed the order of the tiles and it synced immediately and all 5 tiles work and no issues? I am thinking some of the tiles have trouble communicating then others for an unknown reason. The other thing is you have to bend and pinch the wires to connect them. This isn’t the best design. I love how my Nanoleaf connects. But thank you for the response very much appreciated. Love my tiles now they are working!

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