Cannot Onboard bulb (Color 1000)


I have been following a tutorial by Serge on how to onboard a lifx color 1000 bulb but for the life in me I cant seem to get past ‘consumer.ConfigureWifiAsync()’ function. I’m always getting ‘Status1 = 36914 & status2 = 0’.

I have a TP-Link MR3420 router and I’m developing a windows 10 UWP app.

Please advise.

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I haven’t seen this tutorial, could you please link it?

Are you able to give me more details so that I can attempt to recreate the issue here?

It sounds like you are trying to onboard using AllJoyn. Have you also tried with the Alljoyn Onboarding Sample applications?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the response and yes following the tutorial I copied the Onboarding interface from the Allseen website (the link you attached below for the samples.)
The funny thing is that I cannot onboard the bulb even after I downloaded the Iot Explorer windows 10 app. When I invoke any methods found in the Onboarding interface I’m getting
this error
‘Security is not enabled for this bus attachment’

The video tutorial is here

Any help will be appreciated.

It looks like Alljoyn is looking for the new the new Alljoyn Security 2.0 stuff which we haven’t (yet) implemented. I’m not sure how to disable it, but there should be a way. Is it possible to use an older Alljoyn protocol version?

Hi, can you please advise if the latest firmware and android app has the Alljoyn security 2.0 implemented?

No, we do not yet support Alljoyn Security 2.0.