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Cannot restore Apple Homekit code, poor Customer Support

The Homekit code came with the package of my A19(s) but I wasn’t using iPhone and iPad so HomeKit code wasn’t something I need. As mentioned on the online support page the HomeKit code should have printed on the light bulb so losing the package shouldn’t be a problem.

Few months ago I switch from Android to iOS and realised the importance of using my light bulbs with Apple Home so I tried to restore the code, and I found that the code was not printed on the bulbs. Luckily I only lose 2 of the packages so I can still use 2 bulbs with Apple Home.

I tried to contact CS of LIFX and they said it’s okay to replace the bulbs but due to delayed shipment I will need to wait (it was 3/12/2020). At 28/2 this year I contacted CS again asking for follow-up and the reply shows the replacement units will be ready at May/June. Unfortunately at 13/4 I received a message asking for my Paypal account to refund the faulty units with Paypal credit.

Sounds like a solution but not for me - I only use Paypal when there isn’t any other payment method.

I also tried to contact LIFX via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, looks like they never read my message but shared their update with the social media.

I wish someone from LIFX read this and give me a real solution. Thank you.

Any update? I’ve been waiting since 7/2020 for warranty replacements and since then all but five of my 22 devices aren’t working anymore.