Can't add lights to HomeKit

Hello my lights are on 3.5 and because of it I can’t add them to HomeKit on my network. I can’t see them in the app either (it says it’s added to HomeKit but never asks me which wifi I want them to connect to then says they couldn’t be found on the network and to close the app).

The only situation where I CAN connect to them is through HomeKit only and on the bulb’s wifi.
When added, HomeKit says the bulb isn’t certified. I have 3!!

How can I update so I don’t have bugs anymore?


It sounds like you should got into the settings section of the App and choose the Contact Support option to make a ticket and then our support team can help you.

Support has simply told me to reset the lamp and try again through various ways.
When I try to connect and say its not HomeKit compatible through the app, it fails when I’m meant to give it a name and says “Light claim failed”.

I use to have these working fine on HomeKit!

are you able to send me a private message with the ticket number or your LIFX account email, and I’ll follow it up when we’re back at work next week.

My ticket was closed but I can make a new one. thanks! (Also I edited my previous message)

Got it to work!! Solution was to delete the app re-install and from first try say it’s not HomeKit compatible. Now I can update!

Well I’m glad it works now :slight_smile:

Got it to update to 3.6. But app still fails to add find it after adding to HomeKit :frowning: Is this worth a new ticket or?

If I add it to the app via saying it doesn’t support HomeKit, the HomeKit status becomes “Status not found” after adding it in the app only, so I can’t then add it to HomeKit as well.

Yeah, it should work, I’d say make a ticket.

Unfortunately I personally don’t know much about Homekit, so I can’t offer any advice until we’re back at work after the weekend.

Surprised you guys are expected back to work given COVID-19!

We’ve all being working from home since Monday.

We’re super fortunate that we have a job that allows for remote work.