Can't add new bulbs to the network from Android


I haven’t been able to add new bulbs on my network from Android (probably an Android 6 thing), are you guys aware of that?

It’s pretty frustrating. The bulb I have been trying to re-add is d0:73:d5:01:a0:d5, it’s the bulb you donated to Noisebridge.

I have an Android phone (and no access to an iOS device), and I always find it very frustrating/difficult/fiddly to add a new bulb. I always dread having to do a factory reset, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to successfully set up the bulb again.

So far, I’ve always had success eventually, it just takes an indeterminate amount of fiddling. I turn the bulb off and back on, I reboot the phone, and I try again. I just keep doing that until it works.

This is one of the reasons why I wish the onboarding API was public, so I could write my own software to onboard my bulbs from my computer, rather than having to rely on the flaky, frustrating Android app.

I had experienced this at Android 4.0 before, so had to find iPhone to link (claim/“take on board”) the lamp to my Cloud account. I was reporting to the Support and sending the cat logs - still was not fixed.
Now I got Android 5.0 - discovering works fine.

I’ve had the problem both with 4.4.x and with 5.0.1.

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Thanks for the details guys, I’m handing all this information over to our Android developers.

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Okay so I’m told that if you are using Android M you might be affected by an Android bug preventing us from changing the wifi network of your phone. We do this in onboarding to connect to the light and give it the wifi credentials. Currently the workaround for this is to connect to the bulb wifi directly and then open the LIFX app and add it.

We are working on detecting this situation and providing better messaging in the application to help users work around it. This will be released in a future app update.

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I’m using Android 5.0.2 and I can’t get the app to onboard my brand new Color 1000. I’ve tried at least 10 times but it always fails. The app says “Connecting…” then it asks me to select my wi-fi network, which I do. Then it says “Sending wi-fi credentials to the bulb”, and a minute or so later I get an error message that the bulb could not be onboarded. I’ve turned the bulb off and back on…even tried installing it in a different light fixture, but still no luck. Really frustrating and I don’t know what else I can do.

Could you please email us at so that we can help you troubleshoot this issue?

I guess I just found out a plausible reason for that issue. There was no list of bulbs waiting to be claimed in my android app after I join my bulb to my network. And it only appeared after I load lifx app on my ipad. Ipad showed me bulb to be claimed; I looked into android app, and here it is, ready for claim there as well. So I guess you need to test on a network with only android devices connected.

Hi bopm,

Are you based in UK? if yes, which ISP are you with?

I’m having this same issue. Lot of info in my case #212161 of u can help please. It’s been 3 days and I’ve yet to be able to get consistent support and onboard my new lights to my network