Can't add Single Day Dusk bulb as Favorite to control from iPhone widget

Why won’t the app even let me add it as a favourite?

I have a single LIFX bulb and wish to control it using widget, which requires it to be added as a favourite.

What’s wrong?
I haven’t enabled cloud.
Does this also need cloud? Why?

You’re not providing enough information:

  • how are you trying to add the bulb as a favourite?
  • What happens when you try?
  • What error do you get (or don’t you get any errors)?
  • What app version?
  • What platform (iOS vs Android)?

Screenshots would be particularly helpful too! I have lots of favourites, which include individual bulbs, groups and scenes. I don’t know if it requires LIFX Cloud or not (all of my stuff is cloud-enabled) though.

It’s my first and single bulb so there isn’t much info to share in terms of complexity.

I’m posting screenshots from the latest LIFX app.

I just followed basic steps to initiate this first and new DD light bulb. So what am I missing or what can / should I do to fix it?

You’re on the wrong screen. :slight_smile: Go to the screen with the colour selector and tap the Star icon in the top-right hand corner. That will set your bulb as a favourite:

It does not show up on my app.

Not sure why you’re not seeing it, but I see the bulb is added to HomeKit. Why not just use that instead? Mark it as a Favourite in Home and the use the Home widget instead of the LIFX one.

You need to add the light to the cloud to add it as a favourite. This is because when controlling the lights using the widget, we use a HTTP call that uses the cloud API. There are all sorts of complex reasons behind this, but essentially it boils down to there being restrictions in what you are allowed to do in a widget.

As @Djelibeybi said, if you don’t want to connect it to the cloud, you’ll have to use the HomeKit widget.

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@daniel_hall this is ridiculous… so if my net goes down regularly then I can’t add it as a favorite? That’s stupid. I can’t even voice contol using Alexa.

Isn’t there some way to do a non cloud dependent work around in the widget?

@daniel_hall are you saying apple has banned widgets from doing local network control?

Guys this is stupid. We have frequent net outages and we can’t be dependent on cloud.

All voice assistants require an active Internet connection and the Alexa skill uses the HTTP API specifically. HomeKit works when disconnected, but Siri doesn’t, because voice recognition requires a connection to Apple’s servers. However, Siri can work on a mobile phone if it has mobile data enabled, and then Siri can control your LIFX lights via wifi (even if the wifi’s internet connection is down).

This makes HomeKit/Siri unique btw. Google and Alexa cannot do this as they both require an active internet connection because control is done via Google or Amazon’s servers to LIFX’s API.

This is also why Alexa and Google are so much slower on low-bandwith connections than Siri is.

@xbliss Apple hasn’t banned widgets for using LAN, but the LAN control featured in the app needs to know what IP address the lights have before it can send the messages to change light state. In order to maintain this state when you’re not using the LIFX app itself we would need to continually poll the light state in the background, which is something that Apples discourages and would drain battery life. If we waited you to open the widget, then do discovery it would mean there would be delays before you could interact with the widget.

By making the widget use the LIFX cloud we can utilize it’s ongoing connection to each of the lights to provide quick access to lights toggling without having to maintain an ongoing LAN connection.

I don’t mind giving it a static IP or network device name. You guys need to think of some quick local discovery or rediscovery mechanism.

I’ll read this in morning again to see what my unfried brains garner.

So, our ISP was down for a day, and I was able to use the App to ON/OFF the LIFX bulb.

I am assuming thats a required function.

What would WE be unable to do when ISP / Net is down? (I know voice commands Alexa/ Google are out)

Besides the widget, scenes and schedules require the LIFX Cloud. Everything else (including effects) are locally controlled by the app.