Can't copy+paste LIFX tokens from on mobile

I am trying to copy+paste a generated token from the cloud site to my mobile app, but my mobile browser does not give me the option to copy the text once highlighted. Try it yourself: visit on a mobile, generate a new token and then long press on the text to select it. The ‘copy paste select’ dialogue doesn’t pop up. Looking at the HTML I think this is due to the ‘readonly’ property set on that input.

Can you please enable a way to copy the token direct to clipboard on mobile devices? Either by removing the ‘readonly’ attribute from that input or with a ‘copy to clipboard’ button that works on mobile? I realise that we should be using oauth for mobile apps but this limitation makes it hard to test before we get to that stage.

btw I have tried using multiple android systems but haven’t tried with an ios device.

EDIT: Using firefox on android I can copy from that input field, but nothing else so far

Thanks for raising this feedback @abrythenabry.

We originally picked a readonly input to make it more convenient to copy tokens on desktop by making the input select on click. Readonly was important because it prevents you from accidentally clearing the value after selecting.

Unfortunately it seems some mobile browsers don’t let you interact with readonly inputs. We’ve decided to make a change to render tokens as plain text. It’s slightly more inconvenient for people on their desktops, but gives us the widest amount of compatibility.

This change is now live.

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Hey thanks! Desktop users can simply double click on the text and it will select the token as a single ‘word’