Can't login to lifx Android app

I’m having trouble logging in to the lifx app on my phone. I recently upgraded phones, having set up my account and bulbs on the old phone, which was logged into my cloud account. I tried to login to the app on my new phone and I get the error “Network Problem please check your network and try again” I tried logging out on my old phone in case that was the cause, but it did not fix the issue, and now I get the same error message on my old phone! I’m still able to control the lights with Google assistant, even on the new phone, but I liked using the widget button. Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I haven’t made any changes to the network setup or anything recently. Thanks.

Did you ever find a fix for that issue? I’m dealing with it right now as well… -_-

I did not. I was still able to use the lights through the google home app, I got a new phone a month or so after, and the app has worked fine since.