Can't onboard Original 1000 bulbs any more

I’m not sure if this is an iOS 13 Beta or LIFX app issue, but I can no longer onboard any of my Original 1000 bulbs. After resetting, the bulb-specific SSID appears and I can connect just fine, but the configuration process fails after trying to set the target SSID/password.

Known issue? It’s happening with two bulbs which were working just fine prior to me resetting them.

I just tried using my work iPhone which is still on iOS 12 and that doesn’t work either. It’s odd that both of my Original 1000 bulbs won’t onboard, so any suggestions welcome.

However, I still fully intend to use this as an excuse to upgrade them to Mini Color bulbs. :slight_smile:

There was an issue with the iOS update 3.15.0, but that should have been addressed. There are definitely significant issues with iOS 13, we intend to have a beta out that should work better shortly.

I’m using 3.15.4 (1060/c256df0) with a mix of v2.77 and v3.50-BULB firmwares. I’ve tried on both iOS 12.4 and iOS 13 Developer Beta and neither will complete an onboarding of either of my two Original 1000 bulbs.

Are you using an iPhone? Do you maybe have an iPad you can try it out with? I believe we have isolated a bug that may be the cause (that only affects devices with cellular).

I’ll do a quick test with my iPad Pro running iOS 13 Beta and if that doesn’t work, I’ll try with an older iPad still on iOS 12.

Worked perfectly with an iPad Pro and iOS13, so cellular-related bug confirmed, I guess? :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks for that. I’m pretty confident that’s the issue. We’ll have a beta out today that fixes that for iPhones. We rewrote onboarding in 3.15.0, so there’s been some edge cases with certain firmware.

You’re welcome! Happy to help.

Beta is available

Already updated my iPhone. I’ll reset and try again and let you know.

It works! Good job, team. :slight_smile: