Change Wifi details for all bulbs

It would be nice in the case that I need to change my wifi network name (ssid) for me to be able to use the lifx app to tell all the lights of this additional wifi (way preferable as I could see if it works by doing the ssid change and testing everything), or by replacing the ssid information for all the bulbs.

The current solution requires unpairing all the lights and pairing them back, which LIFX’s inability to pair easily would make this another nightmare.


That would indeed be nice. I believe there will be time made this year for solving this problem.


This would be huge thing. I’m hanging on to an old AP name from previous apartment just because I do not have the will power to try to get all my WiFi connected smart devices moved over. >50%,of them are LIFX bulbs.

I could happily install the new app temporarily for the purpose. Version 3.15.2 still going strong otherwise! :grimacing: