Changes in HTTP End Points?

I am specifying the kelvin and saturation as suggested from my app in the SetStates endpoint. It used to work fine, but still not working.

NSArray *states = @[
                    @{ @"selector": light_id,
                       @"power": state ? @"on" : @"off",
                        @"saturation" : [NSNumber numberWithFloat:0.0],
                       @"brightness" : [NSNumber  numberWithFloat:brightness],
                       @"kelvin" : [NSNumber  numberWithInt:kelvin]

Any ideas? This is iOS code by the way which worked well last week.

I have similar problems. My PHP/Curl script does not work anymore. The result is 207 / “ok” but the light bulb does not change the color anymore!

But pasting the token into the “Try it out” section of does work! I can not see a difference in the Curl calls in comparison to the “Try it out” debug information. :frowning:

Hey would you be able to post a sanitised version of your curl\php script or PM it to me i will have a look.