Cheap, DIY Outdoor Uplight Fixture for Lifx

I understand the environmental warnings for the bulbs, but I figured if I could create a moisture-free solution, with enough air space and surface area to dissipate the heat, then why not? I have five outdoor Lifx uplights operating, with no issues so far. I authored an Instructable on the topic. Link below. Rough cost is $10 per unit.

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​Heat rises and glass is an insulator. It looks like there is nothing to vent the hot air from the enclosure. This design would probably reduce the lifespan of the bulbs considerably. It would make sense to incorporate protected, downward-facing vents somehow and use a small PC fan, though I’m not sure how an electric motor in close proximity would affect signal reception. Otherwise, it would probably responsible to warn people that they will burn out their bulbs a lot sooner than they are supposed to, especially if trapped humidity condenses in the jar once the bulbs are off.

I understand your concerns. I present as conjecture that the ginormous relative volume and surface area of the glass will be adequate to limit heat build up. Note too from the photograph that the bulb rests in the lower half of the large, one gallon container, thus it doesn’t reside in the upper area where heat will accumulate. Yes, glass is an insulator, but not a terribly good one. If properly sealed as per my design instructions, there should be no moisture buildup or condensation, as the unit is moisture proof - if not actually waterproof. Only the ambient moisture present in the air at the time of assembly remains in the fixture, eliminating any further accumulation. I think this design will not significantly increase unit heat, nor do I think it will allow moisture damage to the components. I do not offer a guarantee, just a ‘best effort’.