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Check schedule on with Light Restore

Is there a way to get a lifx bulb to check to see if it being powered on during a schedule, and to update colour/brightness based on what is scheduled for that time? Smart light switches aren’t an option for me to keep the power on all the time, and sadly not everyone I’m my household uses the app or an assistant to control the lights.

Example scenario is my bathrooms lights. I want to set the brightness of the lights to be about 25% anytime between 9pm and 5am. If I turn on the light switch at any point during that time, once the light restores its wifi connection it checks to see that it was turned on during that scheduled time, and will adjust the light. I’m aware it won’t be an instant change and could take a bit, but I’m fine with that.

If powered on (light switch or restore from power outage), on wifi connection, check and apply scheduled state