Child/sub account?

Hi all I am buying my son a bulb for his bedroom for Xmas I’d like to give him control of just that one bulb but not all the others in the house.

(I don’t fancy coming home to a rave every night after work :joy:)

Is there a way I can create a sub user or something so that I can keep total control of all the lights in the house while giving him control of his?

Thanks in advance


Currently we don’t have anything in the App that cordons different lights to different people. The problem is that our network protocol doesn’t support any permission model. This means anyone can sign into a different account on the app (or create scripts/apps themselves using the LAN protocol) and as long as they’re on your network, can control your lights.

You can however have multiple networks (that would likely share the same internet connection) and your son only has the password to the network that has his light on it.

Just create his own account, one bulb only.