Cloud / API malfunctions when concurrent connections exceed 3

I’ve been having a problem for over a year now, where when connected with exactly 4 controllers to the cloud.lifx service, everything beings to go haywire. In my case, I have an iPad controller in every room in the house + 2 x Amazon Echos. When I goto and click the ‘Reset’ button for ‘LIFX for iOS and Android by LIFX Inc.’, I can discover all devices using Amazon Echo. Adding 2 more iPads (by logging into the app), which stay on and open 24x7 (think of my iPads as light switches in every room), everything functions correctly. Voice commands to echo, button pressing/scenes in the app. As soon as I add a 3rd iPad, everything stops behaving with consistency. e.g sometimes voice commands work, sometimes not. Groups of bulbs begin only turning on some lights instead of the entire group. The strips drop off the network altogether, etc. This exact behavior is repeatable time and time again. I’ve heard there was a recent major overhaul to the API and the problem still exists. When the problem occurs, and I list devices in the Alexa app, only my LIFX bulbs show disconnected. All other IoT things in my home work fine. I have ~15 vendors and ~100 devices on this network. They are connected to 5 x UniFi AP Pros along with another 100+ devices. Everything else on the network tests perfectly except the LIFX bulbs. It’s almost as if there is a hard limit in some line of code or the DB for concurrent connections to the cloud. I would greatly appreciate some investigation. I am happy to provide details and even video to reproduce the issue. Thanks in advance.


Hi Aaron,

I’ve tried a few times to reproduce this, and I cant seem to. However I noticed that controlling so many bulbs generated a large amount of traffic on the wireless network. Its possible that this amount of traffic is overwhelming your controlling devices or network. Can you check your network and see if you see the same thing?

We have some firmware releases coming shortly for newer devices that aims to reduce the amount of traffic they produce. Stay tuned for some firmware updates in the next few weeks, and then another one a week or two after.