Cloud platform futures

With the acquisition of Lifx by Feit Electric, has there been any meaningful commitments been given to the longevity of the underlying cloud platform and support. I am sitting on a home load of Lifx switches which I held off installing when Lifx went into administration as I didn’t want to get orphaned with a product that stops working and I also don’t want to maintain my own server on-prem.

Has there been any forward product updates, roadmaps etc that gives us confidence of the future ahead?



I guess the silence in itself is concerning. :frowning:

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Can someone please provide me with references to this sale? As someone who owns several fiet bulbs, I have inquired about their API and was told they wouldn’t release it.

Maybe it’s because they are using tuya products right now.

One can only hope Fiet will embrace the lifx’s approach.

EDIT: I did the research myself