Cloud showing as disconnected

Hi, Lifx app is showing cloud as disconnected. Any ideas why? And how to fix?

Have rebooted bt homehub 5 router, same issue
Samsung smartthings support are saying this is why I’m unable to select a location when trying to configure in their app.

SmartThings are correct. The SmartThings integration depends on the LIFX Cloud so if your bulbs are disconnected it wont work.

Our support team gets a lot of reports that the bulbs can’t connect to the LIFX Cloud when using BT Internet. You should contact them at and they’ll help sort you out.


this is fixed now via lifx support.
the issue was the security on the bt homehub 5.
I had to go to bt app and turn off bt protect(wait 2 hours) and then the lifx was showing as connected in the cloud.
then Smartthings hub was able to select a location.
– they also said to turn off the smart setttings, e.g. when connecting to new wifi device it asks if parental controls is to be configured on this device. & bt parental controls.

currently BT protect is turned off, waiting to hear if I can turn it back on again.