Color 1000 resetting to bright white or off

After an hour or 2, my 2 lights will reset to full white or turn off. The app is running on my phone, but I’m not interacting with it and I don’t have anything else running on the network that would be able to control it. Anyone else had this happen?

I have another bulb at home and I haven’t seen this issue at all.

I wonder if it has something to do with having the app running, leaving the network, and rejoining the network, maybe the app just resets the lights. It’s very odd that 2 lights would reset at the same time.

Are they cloud connected ?

You didn’t explain yourself, are these lights at work or somewhere else ? is there anyone else on the network using the app ?

Just thoughts really, if this is happening on it’s own it should not, you need to contact support and as this is a developer community you won’t get much user support.

As another thought, what about your power ? LIFX bulbs will return to bright white if powered off and on twice, could you have power issues with these lights.

Contact support at, its likely that you have a schedule or IFTTT trigger that is changing your bulbs. The support team can look through your account logs to figure out what is happening.