Color 1000 stuck in color cycle effect

Had a colour 1000 bulb for around 6-8 months and all has been good until now! Last night I had it on the color cycle effect. I can’t remember if I turned it off in this mode or whether I had stopped that effect before turning off the bulb. Anyway, when I turned it on today it was still in color cycle! I turned it to white but it just returned to the color cycle, I tried again but it just went back to color cycle! So I reset the bulb (on/off 5 times) but it still cycled! I reset it again but still the same! When I go into the effects tab the actual effect isn’t illuminated but the bulb is going through the color spectrum! What am I missing?

The colour cycle, do you mean the app ? I didn’t think the bulb was smart enough for that, the app did it. Is the app still running ?

Anyway just a thought.

Do you have an IFTTT recipe automatically triggering maybe ?
Although I don’t think you can obtain a color cycle effect through IFTTT…

Yes I mean in the app, although the app isn’t running! I’ve stopped the app from running in the background, it was the first thing I did as I know the “effect” will run in the background if the app is also running in the background. I really don’t know how it was doing it because I’d closed the app on all devices. Even when I tried to sort it on my other devices it still cycled through the colours but as you say, I don’t think the bulb can do it on it’s own although none of my devices had the app running!

No IFFT running, had one running to turn lights on when I got home but found sometimes I was in and halfway through my dinner before the lights turned on so stopped using IFFT!

Bulb has started working as normal now the following evening without any kind of jiggery Pokery from me so I don’t know the reason why it did what it did :rage:

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just saw this. prob not the case but closest I saw.