Color bulbs suddenly not following Day to Dusk schedule?

Has anyone had this issue? I have all of my lights on a custom Day & Dusk schedule. However, recently my color bulbs have all decided not to follow it at the start of the next day. I have to open each group (divided into rooms) and manually drag the time line a little to “reset” the color bulbs and get them to follow the schedule.

I have a mixture of color, Day & Dusk, and basic (dimmable only) bulbs throughout my home. I have each room on a separate custom Day & Dusk schedule. At night I use a couple of custom Scenes to first get ready for/read in bed and then one to ease myself to sleep. However, when morning comes, while the color bulbs turn on, they seem to be locked into the last color they were set at rather than following my Day & Dusk schedule settings. This was never a problem until a few weeks ago. I’ve tried to wrack my brain to figure this out, but since I didn’t change anything (because things had been working great for over a year) I’m not sure it’s anything I’ve done to cause this. I also got a new phone recently. But things worked fine afterwards, so I don’t think it was that. At any rate, I’m at a loss as to how to fix this…

Any suggestions, anybody? :confused:

I noticed a long time ago when it was still daylight inside and not outside. It failed repeatedly. So I finally set the lights to come on X amount of time after Sunset and dim to a the lowest I want over the period of time until I turn them on the next day. Then I have several “Daytime” scenes set depending how quickly I want to get up. Along with that I have schedules set, once again to start dimming at a certain time of day over a period of time.

Lately it’s worked pretty good. But something is wrong with the whole “Command/Operate” process. I keep getting told that it’s my WiFi. Sorry, no. I Beta Test for several major manufacturers and my WiFi is the least of my problems. Plus when it is, as in a reboot after installing new FW, the lights blink because they can’t talk to the “Mothership”. No blinking throughout the days or nights when they fail.

Same here — day to dusk have not been working for weeks. I read somewhere that disabling and enabling each day-to-dusk schedule would gets things back on track but that hasn’t worked for me. Majorly annoyed by this as nearly all my lights are on such a schedule.

Yeah, same issue here, too. Can’t tell you exactly when I noticed my Day&Dusk schedules weren’t running properly, but within the last couple of weeks, for sure.

I’ve been pretty apathetic about it, so no suggestions from me. I just hope it isn’t another thing that’s slowly heralding the demise of LIFX.