Color Cycle - IFTTT + LifeX + Alexa

I’ve been trying to configure an IFTTT applet to allow me to trigger my Amazon Alexa to color cycle my Lifx A19 mini bulb and no matter what it just doesn’t cycle the colors and stays on the first color. I’ve tried advanced options as well. Here are a few things I tried

  1. color: blue; brightness: 1; transition_duration: 2; —> Color Stays Blue
  2. color: blue; color: red; color: yellow; brightness: 1; transition_duration: 2; —> Color Stays Yellow
  3. I have also used the standard options to set intial colour, and transition time to 1, 2, 3 secs nothing seems to work, it doesn’t cycle the color and just stays at the initial one

Is this broken? Even the public applets available on IFTTT doesn’t work.

I would appreciate if someone could help me out here!!

I know this isn’t what you want but perhaps a close second. It’s a desktop Python app to perform color cycling. There’s a pre compiled Windows and Mac app under releases too.