Color Cycle limited to blues & greens?

Is it normal for the color cycle function to be limited to just blues and greens?

I have 2 LIFX 1000 bulbs that I just started using two weeks ago. I bought them in December. After bring the first one online, the color cycling function went through practically all the colors (reds, blues, yellows, oranges, greens, etc.), then after being prompted to do a firmware update, the color cycle only now cycles through a few shades of blues and greens.

As an experiment, I brought the 2nd bulb online a week later. The same exact behavior occurred.

I have the color cycle settings as follows:
Speed: 3.09 s
Variation: 18%
Difference: 180*
Change: 211*

LIFX customer support has been useless. They answered back once, essentially saying,“how bizarre, how bizarre,” but haven’t replied to several e-mails back to them since that time.

Anyone else experience this kind of behavior, or know how to fix it?

Update, literally minutes since my original post.

The original light I installed still only runs through blues and greens, whereas the second light I brought online now cycles through all the other colors EXCEPT blues/purples. The only color they both have in common in green.

I’m flummoxed! Any help appreciated.

Have you tried setting the variation, difference and change to 1? I don’t know what color cycle system you’re operating on but those variables look to me like you’re rotating through a color wheel by too great an increment, and you’re only catching the colors you mentioned. Setting them all to their most granular setting would logically allow you to access all the colors.

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The color cycle in the application takes the original color of the bulb and uses that as the base color. If you want to see a larger range of colors change the Change slider for that effect to a higher value.

Thanks. I played around with the “Change” slider and found that 176* gives me the widest range of colors.

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Sorry for the large numbers of edits. A bit new to this. However color cycle still seems a bit broken. You say that it cycles around the base color you have pre-selected. Doesn’t seem to work. For me it seems to always select and cycle around purple and with base settings it cycles from pink to blue even if base color is green. If I increase the “Change” value it just increases how far from purple the color changes but I can never have a tight cycle around for examples green so it would change between yellow and teal. Is this really as intended?

The color cycle effect only changes between 2 colors at present. The change slider determines what the 2nd color will be based upon its degree difference from the 1st color.

We’re aware that this is pretty limited and are planning how we can provide more flexible transition effects in a future release.

If you your lights to continually cycle through a range of colors, Random effect is probably the best built in effect for that purpose at the moment.