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Color in hex format for LIFX photons

Hello, I am using LIFX photons to control my LIFX bulbs via Wifi. Now I would like to set a hex color as a color option (instead of red, blue etc.). When I use ‘#…’, I get the following error:

Bad conversion. Failed trying to convert a value" error=ushort format requires 0 <= number <= (0x7fff * 2 + 1) fmt=<H group=SetWaveformOptionalPayload name=brightness val=5242800

What format is supported besides hardcoded colors? Maybe @delfick might have an answer.
Kind regards

You should ask this as an issue in the Photons repo, not here. Also the Photons documentation has an entire page dedicated to colour references.

How are you trying to use the hex value?

It got it. There was an error in transmitting the value. Color parameter works well with #hex-code.

I’m glad it works now. What command were you running exactly?