Color of Wall Paint in LIFX Room

Hello! I recently set up my first LIFX colored bulbs in my room, and I’m loving 'em already. However, my wall is currently painted a fairly saturated blue, against which some of the bulb colors strike me at least initially as unpleasant. For unrelated reasons, my room needs to be painted soon, but I’m thinking that my new acquisition of colored bulbs should influence my paint color decision.

Presumably a very neutral, unsaturated, light paint color would look best with the widest range of bulb color settings. Do colored bulb owners typically opt for straight, untinted white wall paint, or would some sort of off white/khaki/gray/etc. work as well? What might be a good range of paint colors to consider?

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I’d say anything neutral, but it depends on your decor. I have a feature wall in my house that is a fairly deep steel grey (ie very slightly blue) and I find that my lights look more saturated when cast on that wall as opposed to the light beige and white of other walls. It really depends on your decor.