Colour Temperature Consistency Over Device Range

I recently purchased 7 day and dusk mini bulbs and love the colour temperature choice and the scheduling feature in the app. I primarily use this feature to move through the whites spectrum through each hour of the day and leave the power and brightness settings unchanged so that the bulbs only change when they are on. This has worked really well as the bulbs immediately switch to a white temperature mirroring the time of day with little user involvement. Exactly what I wanted.

I therefore decided to purchase two Z strips to replace hue’s under my Kitchen counter. I have though been slightly disappointed to find that colour temperatures lower than 2500k are not possible with the light strips. This means that I have some mismatch between bulbs with the D&D’s switching to 1500k but the light strips being stuck at 2500k.

I realise that this maybe a hardware limitation but if not, is this something that could be enabled? If no plans, a feature request from me would be to enable scenes to be turned on in schedules or at the very least to allow other colours to be chosen in the “Colour” menu in the schedules UI - at present this just seems limited to the 8 fixed shades. I think something around 27 degrees would be a good approximation of of sunset and candlelight and this would allow the Z’s to match the D&D’s on schedule.


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Hi FuzzyDunlop, I’m with you.
I’ve got 2 bulbs and a strip in my bedroom and I would like to slowly go down to 1500K after sunset to the time I go to sleep but unfortunately, due to the limitation you just mentioned, I’m unable and the strip stays noticeably brighter than the bulb and the mismatch of colors is terrible to see…
My workaround is now to set a scene with the closest match to 1500K for the strip with the color wheel (I used a K to HUE converter to be more precise) and then shifting towards the scene instead of the Temp color (K).
This is far from ideal but it’s the only way I found.