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Coming Soon (+15 characters)?

So, what’s happening? Everything has been out of stock for the past 5-7 months and then suddenly everything changes to ‘coming soon’.

(And why the 15 character requirement for subjects?)


This is the update we made a month ago on stock LIFX Stock update – LIFX Australia

As for the limit, discourse has a lot of defaults that it has to try and discourage spam. Some of the more annoying ones are character limits.

Thanks. What about U.S. stock?

I don’t have much I can say about US stock right now but we are working on it.

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I’m happy that Lifx isn’t going away. That was my fear.

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Apparently Amazon snagged it all - full range (almost, no GU10s unfortunately…) and in fresh “new look” packaging. Also pleased LIFX isn’t going away - shared the same fear. Welcome back, LIFX :o)

What about Gu10 ? Are they discontinued for good? :cry:

The only product LIFX has discontinued is the Tile (other than generation 1 and generation 2 products). We don’t have any other products we are discontinuing.

RIP, LIFX Tile :disappointed: - they truly are the most remarkable devices.