Concerns about Lifx availability/replacement

I have a mini color unit that has failed (constant strobing between white and blue) and was attempting to locate a replacement. It appears that other than some white and the daylight units, as well as some ribbons, there are next to no units available for purchase. I was able to locate a large flood that was being priced at close to $100, well above the MSRP.

Understanding that COVID and the global trade climate are impacting many items is there any estimate on when bulb availability with be restored? I see that GE and HUE stocks in stores are much much more robust, and there are other no-hub wifi solutions popping up with available stock.

Lifx’s commitment to open api access and promoting developers to grow the usecases for Lifx bulbs most notibly through this forum is why I am willing to wait for stock to address immediate needs, but I can do so for so long. Any insight into the supply chain and future availablity would be greatly appreciated.

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I address that a bit on reddit

We have some supply constraints that are causing the shortages, but we’re on track to resolve this over the next few months.