Confirming the Kelvin range for Candle Colour

Hey @delfick-employee,

The official products.json lists the Candle Colour with a Kelvin range of 2500-9000 but I can set it to 1500 via Photons:

      * ip:
      * port: 56700
      * name: LCM3_CANDLE
      * identifier: lifx_candle
      * family: lcm3
      * zones: MATRIX
      * color
      * matrix
      * variable_color_temp
      * min_kelvin: 2500
      * max_kelvin: 9000
      * build: 1565065929000000000
      * version_major: 3
      * version_minor: 50
      * brightness: 1.0
      * hue: 89.99588006408788
      * kelvin: 1500
      * label: Candle
      * power: 65535
      * saturation: 0.0

I’m assuming that the products.json might need a little tweak. :slight_smile:

The LIFX 4.0 Beta iOS app can get it to 1500K as well:

Yeah, I think that’s a mistake, I’ll confirm on Monday and fix it

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You are correct that the public product registry had the wrong kelvin values for the Candle, I have fixed this

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You might want to check the LIFX Mini too. It’s listed at 2500K but it can go down to 1500K now.

That’s dependant on firmware version and the layout of the public product registry doesn’t really allow for that. I’ll leave it for now and change it later when the new firmware is more widespread.

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